/////////////// "public=un+public"

/////////////// off-Nibroll (2005)

/////////////// 2 channel video, DVD duration : 7:50

/////////////// credit
camera & edit : Keisuke Takahashi
choreographer : Mikuni Yanaihara

performer :
Mikuni Yanaihara
Jo Lloyd

/////////////// exhibition
May. 2005. “public=un+public”
@BankArt 1929 YOKOHAMA, Japan

Oct. 2007. “public=un+public”
@ ierimonti Gallery, Milano

Dec. 2007. “public=un+public”
@ Sendai Media Theque, Japan

Oct. 2007. “KOBE Biennial”
@KOBE, Japan

/////////////// concept
Naturally, human beings behave differently
in public and in private area.
How could such differences change their behavior?
how would other childhood environment,
culture or country affect or not affect human beings?
While unraveling the form- substance relation,
we have observed that what is regarded as pure
or the common sense
and the absurdity, indecency or filthiness may
conflict at one end
however join on the other.
In spite of the difference of countries or cultures,
we believe that we can share
the same accurate view as a human being
by venturing into those fields of uncertainty.

An individual exists in both public
and private places. Through out the history,
occasionally the individual had made mistakes in
public places.
Inflation of individualism has lead to wars
and terrors.
And time seems to reflect those individuals.
In “Public vs. Un-public”,
our purpose is to re-consider the existence
of an individual as what comes from a difference
caused by spaces,
and place the theme in a trial to develop it
into communication among human beings,
cultural exchanges and ultimately world peace.
Wittgenstein (philosopher) set it as the final aim
of his study
“to see the world correctly without a faintest flaw.”
Where is the world going now? Japan, Australia,
the U.S.A. and not to mention the individuals…

… We intend to deepen a link between Australia
and Japan on the basis of our artistic relationship
and create our work that allows people
to think back on what occurs in themselves
and this world today.

/////////////// exhibition
May. 2005. @BankArt 1929 YOKOHAMA, Japan

/////////////// exhibition
Dec. 2007. @ Sendai Media Theque, Japan

This project is the exchange project ;
Yokohama x Melbourne.

we collaborated with Jo Lloyd,
is Australian, and dancer and choreographer.
we performed in Yokohama and Melbourne.

/////////////// performance
collaborated with Jo Lloyd

May. 2005. “public=un+public”
@BankArt 1929 YOKOHAMA, Japan

Mar. 2006. “public=un+public”
@ACA - Chunky Move Studio, Melbourne

/////////////// duration : 30min.

/////////////// credit
choreographer & dancer :
Mikuni Yanaihara
Jo Lloyd

video : Keisuke Takahashi