"The World has Shrunk, and Only a Certain Fact Remains" 2016

"The World has Shrunk, and Only a Certain Fact Remains" Promotion

Setouchi Triennale 2016 Inujima Performing Arts Program

2016. Aug. at Inujima Seirenjo Art Museum, Okayama, Japan

"The World has Shrunk, and Only a Certain Fact Remains" Digest

Choreographer : Mikuni Yanaihara
Video Projection : Keisuke Takahashi
Music : SKANK
Costume Designer : Mitsushi Yanaihara

Performers :
Emi Oyama, Fumiko Ishigaki, Maki Kurita, Joanna Faith Tan, LIU Jia-Rui


Ensemble cast : Marina Ohno, Azusa Komakawa, Ayaha Sumitani, Reira Taniguchi, Sai Nakanishi, Syoji Horie, Masataka Mukai, Mina Yoneda, Takumi Hosoda, Ryosuke Yamanaka

photo:Shintaro Miyawaki

Flyer design : Okamoto Tsuyoshi+, Keisuke Takahashi

- Concept -

Can this hand reach the world? How can this body that only moves now at this time convey to you the sliver of a span in which that person lived? The facts of an instant are not caught by the eye and cannot be properly portrayed by something like words. A landscape is lost by words and, as might be expected, by silence, too. The world changes in too short of a time, and thought can no longer keep abreast of its pace. We shall wait here for the emergence of facts beyond our imagination, from things, from lines, from time, and from body.

- Credit -

Stage manager : Kazushi Ota
Production Manager : Takio Okamura

Presented by Nibroll, FUKUTAKE Foundation
Produced by precog
Co-produced by Art SETOUCHI
Supported by Japan Arts Council

Special Thanks : Steep Slope Studio, NPO Art Farm, Ayaka Shimizu, Moyo Kawazaki, Century Contemporary Dance Company, Mont’Kiara International School, Green Studio, Kingdomcity Dance Team, Koganecho Area Management Center

- Works -

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