"Grade 3-2" 2005

"Grade 3-2" Digest

2005.Jul. at Kichijoji Theatre, Tokyo
2008.Apr. "Theatre Festival vol.8" at Aichi Art Center


Written and Directed by Mikuni Yanaihara

Performers :
Tomomitsu Adachi, Reiko Inage, Satoshi Kamimura, Syoichiro Suzuki,
Hiroyuki Seki, Syuhei Fuchino, Chieko Misaka, Makoto Yazawa,
Keisuke Yamamoto

Music : SKANK
Video Projection : Keisuke Takahashi
Cosutumes : Yuko Hirono
Lighting : Noriyuki Mori
Stage Manager : Tomohiro Yokoo

Mikuni Yanaihara pursues the relationship between "word" and "body". From a theatrical approach she works on thrilling and boldly interworking elements that make up the stage, such as dance, dialogue, songs and images. This work is the first of her solo project "Mikuniya Nai Hara Project." She uses "words" in her unique view of the theater to make the dialogue uttered at ultra-high speed, thereby creating a dramatic space full of unprecedented driving feeling that the words themselves dance.

photo:Nobutaka Sato

The stage is a high school which is a suburb of Tokyo. There is a big ginkgo tree which is as old as 60 years old in the schoolyard. One day, eight people graduated "grade 3-2" for the first time in ten years to dig a time capsule buried at the base of that tree...

What have we forgotten? In 2005, 60 years after the defeat, what did the Japanese forget, what did we remember? Can we remember to dig a time capsule? This work considers the memory that is buried in the time to flow away and the uncertain memory of people.

Flyer design:Atsushi Kaneko, Naohisa Ishida

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Presented by Mikuni Yanaihara Project
Produced by precog
Co-Produced by The Musashino Culture Foundation
Special Thanks : Steep Slope Studio

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