"a quiet day" 2013

"a quiet day" Digest

2013.Feb at AI・HALL, Hyogo
2013.Feb at Kichijoji Theatre, Tokyo
2013.Oct at Koganecho Management Center, Yokohama
2015.Oct at Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, New York
2017.Feb at Morishita Studio, Tokyo


Written and Directed by Mikuni Yanaihara

Performers :
Nozomi Kawata, Daisuke Matsunaga

Video Projection & Set Design : Keisuke Takahashi
Lighting : Kaori Minami
Stage Manager : Koro Suzuki

This work grew out of my own reflecDons about what theater could do to help in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake that struck in March 2011. It is a reproducDon of a quiet day (2012), a video installaDon created by off-Nibroll, a unit led by Mikuni Yanaihara, who heads the Mikuni Yanaihara Project, and the video arDst Keisuke Takahashi. The set design consists of beauDful and neat rows of about 400 miniature houses and images projected on them.
An everyday conversaDon between husband and wife, the abrupt occurrence of “a fire,” a conversaDon of a different couple about the sense of loss and loneliness aCer the sudden death of a loved one, and the happy hours now in the past. The works of art in the houses and the disaster menacing them underscore the precious and ephemeral character of our everyday world.


There is a similar town. Seemingly they are calm by peace. but who knows what will happen tomorrow?
After 3.11, in Japan, we have lost many things. The lost told us that tomorrow might not be the tomorrow. We have experienced the night which has never come and the night which has never ended at the same time. What we need now is to understand the real meaning of the repetition of both life and death. The day when we must receive it gets closer to us. It is because we live in now, and we memorize a past, and this is because it thinks about our future.
We think that it is that it is possible for us to begin to ask it with what to do not asking you a question why such a thing happened in now. Not thinking why such a thing happened, we have to ask oneself, what would be the best thing to do? The only thing that we can do is that.
A town is an everyday occurrence, and our day life, and also the past history. We regarded a sense of distance of the personal need and the demand for group. We learn the present from the memory of the town. We tried that we talked facing a meaning of the essence without being confused by camouflaged environment. We think that this similar-shaped town has reality necessary for us now.


- Synopsis -

This is a story of "a quiet day" for a couple who can sleep well at night in a town that could be anywhere. But in reality, "a quiet day" is nowhere to be found. Just as "a quiet day" can not be found anywhere in the reality we inhabit. We face backward, choose the shade, swallow our fear, and live our lives while watching the houses gradually incline to the south. External form definitely does not remain. External form definitely does not remain. We simply pile up the days, one aCer the other, let out a loud cry of resignaDon, and go on living, amusingly enough.

Flyer design:Chie Koda, Naohisa Ishida

- Credit -

Presented by Mikuni Yanaihara Project
Produced by precog
Co-Produced by AI Hall, Kichijoji Theatre
Supported by Arts Council Tokyo, Japna Arts Council
Special Thanks : Steep Slope Studio

design:Naohisa Ishida, Kohide Nakajima

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