"Aimai Dog" 2017

"Aimai Dog" Promotion

2017. Mar. at Creative Center Osaka
2018. Mar. at Kichijoji Theatre, Tokyo


Written and Directed by Mikuni Yanaihara

Performers in Osaka :
Yusuke Tachibana, Kazuhito Shirokihara, Riku Ikushima

Performers in Tokyo :
Taichi Ishimatsu, Technical Director : Koro Suzuki
Stage Manager : Chikage Yuyama
Video Projection & Set Design : Keisuke Takahashi
Lighting : Kaori Minami, LICHT-ER

This work takes its Dtle from the "vague" ("aimai") dog that appears in Gadolf's Lily, a children's short story written by Kenji Miyazawa, and seems to symbolize an "uncertain memory." Through three characters shut up in a small room without any light, it depicts the powers of "memory," which are fading along with the trend toward recording anything and everything, a society whose boundaries of all sorts have become increasingly blurred with increased mobility, and the atmosphere of impasse not permimng the self to escape from its world, and the people living in this atmosphere. For set design and visual effects by Keisuke Takahashi, it utilizes a live camera interweaving real-time footage with pre-recorded images to show scenes mixing past, present, and future.
The performance in Tokyo in March 2018 features an entirely new cast of three actors: Masanori Kikuzawa, who has appeared in plays wrilen by Hideki Noda and other playwrights; Taichi Ishimatsu, who belongs to Seinendan, a theatrical troupe led by Oriza Hirata; and Takahiro Hosotani, who is active mainly in plays staged in small theaters. The three are seasoned veterans who, while active in mutually different areas, have all appeared in works by Mikuni Yanaihara before, and deliver a performance full of power and speed. This is the first production with an all-male cast since the launch of the Mikuni Yanaihara Project.

photo:Hideto Maezawa

- Concept -

"There is a lille window way up there, yes, there really is; a window, but up so high." Nothing can be seen from the room devoid of light. It is even unknown if the world is conDnuing. In closed space, various senses begin to go awry. Although you have experienced many things, you actually don't have a good understanding of exactly what you have experienced. Memory is always vague. Even if you are in a closed world with nothing at all, you sDll run, run, and live until you die.

Flyer design:Takashi Matsuki, Naohisa Ishida

- Credit -

Presented by Mikuni Yanaihara Project
Produced by precog
Co-Produced by Kichijoji Theatre
Supported by Japan Arts Council, Arts Council Tokyo, Osaka Chisima Foundation
Special Thanks : SEINENDAN, Steep Slope Studio

design:Naohisa Ishida, Kohide Nakajima

- Works -

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