Choreographer : Mikuni Yanaihara
Visual Director : Keisuke Takahashi
Costume Designer : Mitsushi Yanaihara
Sound Director : Yuki Kato, Chikako Iwata, Satoshi Kamijo
Lighting Designer : Kai Takinoiri
Set Designer : Keitaro Hisano

performers :
Daisuke Ishidate, Teita Iwabuchi, Shigemi Uchida, Hiroyuki Seki, Mayu Takagi, Mihoko Tsurumi,
Natsuko Tezuka, Noriko Fujise, Makoto Yazawa, Anna Kuroda, Ayako Fukushima, Mariko Kasuya,
Kohei Takahashi, Mikuni Yanaihara

Feb. at Shinjuku Park Tower Hall, TOKYO
Jun. Fusion Festival in Berlin, (Germany)
Aug. at Thatere UEDA, NAGANO
Aug. at Roppongi Delux, TOKYO
Aug. Art Complex1928, KYOTO
Sep. Tokyo Contemporary Dance 2002
Sep. in Paris(France), Delhi(India), and Bangkok(Thailand)

Jan. Japanese Contemporary Dance Showcase 2003, New York (U.S.)
Apr. Yuri Dance Festival (Netherland)
Apr. Hanorber Dance Festival (Germany)
Apr. Tanz Theatre Festival (Germany)

Jan. Japan Dance Now in San Francisco, Chicago and Ohio (U.S.)

- concept
This piece presents the many “obscure boundaries” we unknowingly cross in our daily lives. We all cross boundaries without ever realizing it. Generally, these boundaries tend to be rather obscure. For example, coffee, something we were prevented from drinking when children…before we know it, we are gulping it down like many others do, yet we never do remember the first time we actually drank coffee. Just when did we break the obscure boundary of “Coffee” and graduate into the realm of adulthood? This piece fully explores the obscure, yet important boundaries that we all have to cross eventually.

- text
We drink coffee every single day. Ah it's so good. Although mom told us not to drink any, we crossed that wide river in just three steps. Oh boy, are we tired.
And so we drink coffee again today.
Ah, such a sweet smell. Hey, haven't we come across
this aroma somewhere before? We drink coffee day after day after day. Since when? I can't recall,
but do serve with milk for children.

flier design : enamel.